AC grilles and ventilation

AC grilles and ventilation A popular application of TRISLOT grilles is as cover for a ventilation, air conditioning or heating systems, wall or ceiling mounted or integrated in the floor. But the grating can also be used as a structural transparent floor element in the building, or just as a water barrier at the entrance. Thanks to the intrinsic strength of a stainless steel grille, large spans are possible with relatively fine profiles.

Construction for grilles for normal pedestrian traffic
Two constructions are possible:

  • surface profiles running in the width of the grille in this case the load is carried by the support profiles
  • surface profiles running in the length of the grille in this case the load is carried by the surface profiles (only applicable when width of the grille is limited)

Besides strength criteria, profiles and slot opening are selected on aesthetic criteria.

The TRISLOT grating can be supplied with or without a frame. Upon request flat steel or L-profiles can be used.

Our standard finish is pickled and passivated.Optionally glass bead blasting, polishing or electro-polishing is possible.


stairs Stair steps are one application for which the Trislot gratings are perfectly suitable. By using the gratings architects can create an elegant stairhouse. The strength of the grille and the transparency create a modern and “minimalism” look.

There are different possibilities for the construction of the threads:

  • standard design: slot between surface profiles can be between 3 and 15 mm. Mostly surface wire 34S (2,8 mm wide)is used.
  • square design: the pitch of the surface and support profile are simular so that square openings are created.
  • special design: the slot width varies for estetic reasons or e.g. to cover a extra support under the grille

For safety reasons the surface profiles are always perpendicular to the motion.

The TRISLOT stair threads can be made without frames, to fit into the frames already attached to the lateral construction of the stairs. Also possible is that we provide a self-supporting frame (e.g. 30x8 mm) around the grille, fixation to the stair construction happens then by bolting through holes in the sides of the frames.

Our standard finish is pickled and passivated. Optionally we advice mechanical polishing, glass bead blasting or electro-polishing.

Wall cladding & separation walls

Wall cladding & separation walls TRISLOT grilles can also be used in a pure decorative application. As wall cladding, for interior or exterior use, the grille appears depending of the viewer position as a reflective or as a transparent surface. Compared to a metal mesh, for the grilles there is no need for a support construction and even complicated forms are possible.

The surface profiles are chosen according to the desired effect:

  • small vertical surface wires with large slots have only a reflective effect at a sharp angle and give the grille a high transparency
  • large vertical surface wires with small slots give the grille a more reflective effect. The transparency appears only if you look straight on the screen
  • horizontal surface wires: the appearance does not change with the position of the viewer. The grille enlarges the horizontal dimensions
  • special designs: slot widths can vary to obtain aesthetic effects or to make some parts of the grille non-transparant

If possible we advise to avoid the use of frames. In this way large surfaces can be covered without any interruption of the vertical and horizontal lines. The grille are just fixed to the wall.

Depending on the surface where the grilles have to be fixed to, we can offer a custom made system to fix the grilles (visible non visible, adaptable or non adaptable position in width in height, ...)

Our standard finish is pickled and passivated. For maritime environments we can use also 316L stainless steel to increase the corrosion resistance. Glass beat blasted is also possible.

Drainage gratings

drainage gratings Besides the traditional application as grating for drainage channels for surface water, for which the TRISLOT gratings form an appealing alternative for the conventional galvanized punched plates, the gratings can also be applied for a shower floor. Also for high end swimming pools the grating is used at the circumference, or as passable drainage flooring in a fountain area.

Strength calculations are made in order to select strong support profiles and large surface profiles to assure a rigid grating. Because of the wide range of profiles, the height of the grille can be adapted to the overall height of the channel.

Strips up to 2 m long can be made.

Our standard finish is pickled and passivated.

Street furniture

street furniture TRISLOT can supply grilles in 316L or even special alloys with higher corrosion resistance, suitable for exterior applications, even in maritime conditions. The transparancy can be combined with lights, the stainless steel makes the street furniture secure, clean and appealing ... The versatile product has been used for benches, litter bins, bicycle racks, balustrades, lights, ...


floors Thanks to the rigidity of the Trislot grilles they are also used as walkways, bridges, ... for pedestrian traffic. A stainless steel surface, which is not slippery, hard to wear, which drains the rain and remove the dirt from the shoes and looks nice (and if slot is kept small is also heal proof) is the ideal flooring for different outdoor applications.
Trislot can make strength calculation if the grille has to carry a certain load over a certain span.


lighting The reflection and transparency of the Trislot grilles are the desired ingredients for a designer of architectural lighting. The profile combination possibilities, the tubular or flat basic form and different surface treatments create a unique versatility in design.


other Other applications for which Trislot grilles has been used: gates, anti-pigeon screens, entrance mats, art, ...